Best U-shaped pregnancy pillow (2018)

Best U-shaped pregnancy pillow (2018)

Best U-shaped pregnancy pillow (2018) is Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow.

The fact is, the pictures with peacefully sleeping pregnant women are just not reality. But you have to sleep. And if you can improve it in any way, you have to jump at the chance. That’s where a pregnancy pillow comes in, providing that much-needed support for your hips, belly, and other areas that are out of whack thanks to the not-so-pleasant aspects of pregnancy.

Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow is the top-rated pregnancy pillows that can help you get a restful night’s sleep for the first time in months. Ratings information is based on Amazon reviews and is current at the time of this writing.

This pillow is symmetrical and will provide equal support for your stomach and your back, no matter what side you choose to sleep on. Noteworthy: you will get the most blood flow and nutrients travelling to the placenta (and therefore to your baby) if you sleep on your left side. But tossing and turning with this pillow will not require you move any pillows around, and that will save you a lot of nightly frustration.

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This guide will reveal to you why Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow is the best U-shaped pregnancy pillow.

Why you choose U-shaped pregnancy pillow

Women who are pregnant can finally get a great night of sleep with the U-Shaped – Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillow. Pregnant women who struggle to find a comfortable position will love this pillow. The U-Shaped Premium Contoured Body Pillow provides support for the back and belly at the same time. This pillow has two contoured “legs” allowing you to sleep on your back or either side. The inner contours are designed to follow the natural curved shape of your body helping to relieve the added pressure of a pregnant belly. The pillow can also be tucked between your knees, used to elevate your head, and align your hips to help relieve strain on joints.

– Removable Zippered Pillowcase
– Helps prevent sciatica, heartburn, carpal tunnel and nasal congestion
– Unique design and shape support back and belly.

Price & Review

Different types of pregnancy pillows

Regular pillows are designed for head rest, but a pregnancy pillow is designed to ease various body aches. There are a bunch of different pregnancy pillows, also known as maternity pillows, that you can choose from. Different sizes, styles and shapes. But Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow is one of the best option for you. Lets take a look at the variety of pregnancy pillows available as well as the pros and cons of each.

Pregnancy wedge pillow

Best U-shaped pregnancy pillow (2018)

The pregnancy wedge pillow slides in under your back or tummy to deliver much needed support throughout the night.

Pregnancy wedges are one of the cheapest pregnancy pillow solutions available. Many mothers like pregnancy wedges because they are still practical after giving birth.

The appeal of pregnancy wedges is that they do not take up much room in your bed. You know what that means? Your partner to be will still be able to comfortably sleep in the same bed as you. Wedges are the smallest type of pregnancy pillow available.

Due to the smaller size of pregnancy wedge pillows, you will still require a separate pillow for your head to rest on while you sleep. An advantage of the smaller size is that wedge pregnancy pillows are perfect for travelling while pregnant.

However, the downfalls of pregnancy wedge pillows is that they are inconsistent in their design. The steepness of the slope will vary from brand to brand. As a result, many women have different preferences when it comes to wedge shaped pregnancy pillows. Their favorite pregnancy pillow is total body pregnancy pillows.

Total body pregnancy pillows

Total body pillows wrap around the exterior of your pregnant body, resulting in a superior support. These pillows are generally around 5 or 6 feet long, big enough for most people to easily curl up inside.

Not only does the body pillow hug your front, but also your back as well. If you awake with a sore back each morning then the extra spinal support offered by a total body pregnancy pillow is just what you need.

Total body pregnancy pillows are available in two different styles: C-shaped pregnancy pillows and U-shaped pregnancy pillow

Pillow Materials

Like the standard pillow you use under your head, the most popular construction is made of a polyfill and cotton casing. But there are other materials that can be, and often are, used. Most materials are chosen by the preference of the individual, although the shapes of the pillows are usually more influential on overall comfort.


As with any pillow, a natural fiber and low thread count are what will help you keep good breathability and air flow through the night. Most covers are a cotton or cotton blend, is washable, and will easily pull onto the pillow even if it’s an odd shape. Occasionally the full body pillow covers can present a challenge when taking it off and putting on, and how they are constructed can help determine the effort required. Long zippers are usually the most helpful as they expose more of the pillow itself. But other types may only have a folded over flap that requires you to fold the cover back on the pillow.


The filling can occasionally be as varied as the pillow shapes itself. The most used filling is the polyfills that allow shaping, airflow, and easy washing; but also popular with many expecting mothers are memory foam or microbeds due to how well they conform to the shape of your body. Usually, the type of pillow determines the type of filling since each may be used in a different way.

How to use a U-shaped body pillow:

Since the U shape offers support for both sides, this pillow is suitable for those of you who enjoy sleeping on your back but can no longer do so due to your larger belly.

Like the C-shaped pregnancy pillow, the U style offers support for the head, back and legs.

Below is an example of how you would use a U-shaped pregnancy pillow to get comfortable.

Best U-shaped pregnancy pillow (2018)

The best U-shaped pregnancy pillow

Need a pregnancy body pillow you can snuggle while lying on your side? Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow surrounds you completely, front and back. Use it to sleep in any position as your aches and pains shift during pregnancy.

The Leachco Snoogle Total Body pillow is the #1 best-selling pregnancy pillow with more than 3,000 reviews and a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Affordable priced, this is one of the first maternity products that moms should consider.

The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is one of the most popular pregnancy pillows around. The has been on the market for well over 10 years and is a very comfortable pregnancy pillow.

The unique design allows for added support for the hips, neck, back and belly. The design was patented and developed by a registered nurse and mom, so you know that it was definitely designed with mom’s needs in mind.

The Snoogle offers excellent back support and can be tucked between your knees to offer lower back pain relief. The pillow also helps keep your head propped up so you can breathe easy at night and avoid having to deal with pregnancy heartburn.

Snoogle’s cover can be removed and machine washable. This is a maternity pillow that every mom-to-be should have.

Here is the one of reviews on amazon:

Five months pregnant and sleep was beginning to become difficult. My only regret is that I waited until I was pregnant to get one of these. It’s so comfortable, I wish I had one a long time ago. I was concerned about the fluffiness of the pillow; I saw several others where they were really flat. This pillow is definitely plush, and fluffy. I’m not used to sleeping in one spot; I usually wake up horizontal, even with my husband in the bed. He said it was a nice break for him ‘cause it kept me on my side of the bed. I’ll have to get used to that. Other than that, it made sleeping easier and very comfortable. We have a king-size bed and it doesn’t take up as much space as I thought it would. Husband said it didn’t bother him … keep in mind, it kept me in one spot, so he’s happy.”


When you’re pregnant, it’s rare that you feel actually comfortable.

So if you’re expecting and you’re starting to lose sleep from your discomfort, it’s time to invest in the Best Pregnancy pillow.

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