Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow (Full Size)




First things first, if you’re having sleepless nights due to the pregnancy heat, the Comfort U is likely to turn out to be the best pregnancy pillow for you. This is because it comes filled with a premium fiber, known as Fusion Fiber. This makes this body pillow extremely breathable, and you would soon be pleasantly surprised to notice your body heat ending up being a thing of the past.

A unique thing about the Comfort U is that it’s a U-shaped pillow; and coupled with the fact that it’s very generously sized, it offers great support to both sides of your body, as well as allows you to stretch out your body as much as you want.

The tossing and turning will soon go away as well, as with so much support and comfort, you will probably find no reason to toss and turn – even in your sleep. The flexibility, too, is there in the sense that it allows you sleep in multiple positions without compromising on the comfort in the slightest.

And as you would realize if you go through some of the customer reviews, the Comfort U is not just for pregnant women. Although of course it’s specifically designed for them and works great at that, it’s also too comfortable a body pillow to use only if you’re pregnant (or even a woman for that matter).

The quality of your sleep would go up significantly when you start using the Comfort U, as this product stands true to its name and offers an amazing level of comfort. After all, there’s a good reason most of its customers are all praise for it. There have been customers saying in their reviews that they have had the most comfortable sleep of their life while sleeping on this body pillow.

This speaks volume about the comfort Comfort U offers, which is – and feel free to take our word for it – a whole lot better than most of the pregnancy pillows on the market, including some of the most expensive ones.


  • The amazing U-shaped design offers all the comfort you need
  • It allows you to sleep in multiple positions, as well as change positions easily while sleeping, thanks to the great design
  • It’s very versatile and can be used for nursing and even sitting, or just reading during the day
  • It helps prevent pain in both the lower and upper part of your body
  • It’s just amazingly comfortable – which makes it well worth the seemingly high price


  • It’s generously oversized so needs a lot of space (it’s not really a “con” though to be honest)
  • A little pricey – definitely not more than your pregnancy, though